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Fisher Engineering is a computer technology engineering, design, consulting, project management/Implementation and support company.  We have built a reputation over the last 25 years by providing customers with uncompromising service, systems that meet needs with comprehensive technology and systems management.

Bill Fisher
President / Sr. Engineer
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Bill Fisher is a degreed computer engineer and has taken his engineering acumen and applied it successfully to small and medium size business.  At Fisher Engineering, Bill brings his engineering expertise, understanding of management and operational issues and fiscal challenges to small business.  He uses technology and leverages it to its fullest advantage by consulting, designing and implementing cost saving systems as well as providing logistics, planning and support.  The mission is to provide the highest quality solutions to clients with a focus to operational readiness, efficient use of technology and fiscal savings.


We strive to be a great company for our clients.  To be a trusted advisor, meet operational needs, be there when needed as well as keep our clients productive, online and successful. 

We do not like technology problems.  So we design, implement and support environments that work well and are proven.  The strategy is for least cost, least problems and meeting future needs.   We provide great operational and troubleshooting support but our job is to make our clients life and business better and we do that by a design that minimizes downtown, mitigates and anticipates problems before they occur and by using technology that works. 

Yes, we'll fix it but we design and monitor it so it doesn't break.

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